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Ink Versus Amoy Soy Sauce: What Would It Cost To Print...

Posted on January 18, 2013 by kyle There have been 0 comments

Here's something very different for you: If you could print with Soy Sauce, how would it compare to ink when it comes to printing costs? What? You've never asked yourself that question before?

Well we've done a bit of calculating for you and have come up with the following HP versus soy sauce Infographic.

Ink VS from

What we've compared here is an genuine HP 932 black (which is actually quiet cheap for a cartridge at approx. £0.0375 per page) to some Amoy Dark Soy Sauce.

While it would be interesting to see if you can print with soy sauce, you probably can't, so all the above are purely estimations of how much it would cost if you could print with it. However, if you wan't to re-fill cartridge with soy sauce and destroy your printer, then don't say we didn't tell you.

Want to put this elsewhere on the web? Here's the embed code:
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