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Welcome is the website for all your HP printer supplies. We make online shopping for cheap HP consumables as easy as possible. Using our easy to navigate website means that your cheap HP inkjet cartridges are only a few clicks away from being delivered direct to your door. All the cartridges we supply are cheap in price but not in quality, every cartridge is sold with a 100% guarantee so you can buy with total confidence.  Our service is quick and reliable and supported with a friendly customer service you can trust and rely on.

Choose from our wide range of genuine HP cartridges at prices you really can't afford to miss, plus all our prices include VAT and delivery is totally FREE. If you make one good choice today, make it

The most valuable thing in life is time, there really is no need to waste it trawling the net looking for the best deal which often turns out to be not the best quality so not a good deal after all! We only supply the very best quality cartridges, simple, so why go anywhere else.

Cheap HP Inkjet Cartridges:

To use the word "cheap" can sometimes give off a wrong impression, our cartridges are not cheap in quality they just cost you less. The products we supply are either genuine HP products or our own brand of high quality compatibles. Every compatible cartridge we supply is made to the highest specification. We use high quality German ink that performs to the same standard as genuine ink or we'll give you your money back. We also use state of the art machinery and processes so we are confident that every cheap HP product we supply is cheap in price only.

How To Save Money When It Comes To Printing:

We all know by now that printer ink can be expensive, we have covered the topic a number of times on our blog and have often had a huge response. People often seem angry at the big manufacturers such as HP, Brother and Canon, in all honest I can understand why! Having a printer and using it regularly can cost a fair amount, yet in a lot of cases it is necessary, especially if you're work involves printing documents. So how exactly can you save money when it comes to printing? Well you're definitely in the right place to start doing so, read our tips and tricks below and see how much you can save.

How To Save Money With HP Cartridges

Try Not To Waste Ink

To start off there are a number of ways to conserve the ink you all ready have, in the long run this could save you a fair bit of money:

The most obvious here is to only print what you need, especially when printing something from the web, a great way to do this is to use a site such as Print Friendly that will simplify and get rid of all the useless bits of a web page before you print it.

Use the lowest quality printer settings you need for the type of document you are printing. There are a number of settings you can change around to use less ink, if you are printing a simple word document (maybe a recipe, or some instructions) then you can probably change the quality settings to draft.

Check your font and font size. Different fonts vary in the amount of ink they use to print, Garamond and Courier are said to use the least ink out of the common fonts you have on your computer. Ecofont is another option, it is specifically designed to save ink while not interfering with quality. A more obvious option is to lower the font size!

If you keep a spare set of cartridges then make sure you store them properly: In a cool, dark and dry place. Also make sure that you use them before the expiration date which can usually be found printed on the packaging.

How (Not) To Store HP Ink Cartridges

Compatible/Re-manufactured Cartridges

You may have heard of compatible or re-manufactured cartridges before. For those of you who haven't, they are cartridges that are manufactured by a 3rd party (not the original manufacturer of the printer, which in this case would be HP) that usually cost a fair bit less than original products. Contrary to popular belief, compatible cartridges are not always lower quality. In fact they can be just as good in quality as an original cartridge depending on where you buy them from and how they are re-manufactured. They really are a great way of saving money, for example you can purchase an Original HP 300 Black from our store for £13.50, the compatible version of the HP 300 is only £7.94. So make sure that you give compatibles a try, you will be pleasantly surprised!

Recycling Your Cartridges

Due to changes within the recycling industry we are no longer able to offer the empty cartridge freepost recycling service.

PLEASE NOTE: We do still purchase your unused ink and toner cartridges and collection for these items is still totally FREE.

If you have UNUSED PRODUCTS to sell please Contact Us to arrange a no obligation quotation. For more information on this service please visit our Unused and Unwanted Printer Cartridges page.