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Invisible Ink – It’s nothing new!

Posted on December 20, 2012 by Michael There have been 0 comments

Recent industry reports stated that an Iranian company has recently finalised a formula for making Invisible ink. Apparently this has been developed for military purposes but in what capacity? Using Invisible ink to create secret documents for anti-espionage has been done for years long before the days of James Bond in fact it’s so old it even has its own posh name… Steganography as its also known is the means of creating or receiving coded or hidden messages; Leonardo DaVinci amongst others was a master of Steganography, you really do learn something new every day!

Invisible ink of one sort or another has been available to buy for years too; you can buy special marker pens that contain ink that is almost invisible to the naked eye but once you shine a UV or Ultra Violet light over it the ink becomes visible, this is commonly used in the home or office to mark valuables with a post code in case of a burglary but I doubt protecting their DVD player or boxed set of Friends DVD’s is what the Iranians have in mind.

The Iranian company Sakht System has been testing the ink using an HP printer and software although it’s not clear at this stage exactly which model or which cartridges if any are involved. It could be that they have developed their own system utilising HP technology.

I have seen information on research of a bio cloth that incorporates invisible ink into the cloth that once activated by a special chemical turns the ink that’s impregnated in the cloth invisible to the naked eye, maybe and this is only my own little conspiracy theory, but just maybe this is what the Iranians are up to and this is what they meant by invisible ink. Making a bio suit out of “Inviso” cloth would pretty much render your army and heavy artillery invisible to an enemy and in the words of Mohamed Ali the famous boxer, “You can’t hit what you can’t see”. Below is an image of a whole platoon of men testing  “Invisio” cloth bio suits.

Testing the Invisible Ink Bio-Suit

Concerned about this we contacted the company and asked them what their plans were, below is an official statement from them:

“                      .                               ,                                     ".

Well thanks for the response guys, but not really helpful!

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