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HP Brings Two New Tanks To The Range

Posted on December 10, 2012 by Michael There have been 0 comments

The last few months has seen HP bring two new ink tanks to the Officejet and Officejet Pro range of printers with additions to its HP 6000 and 8000 series of printers.

The new range of ink tanks utilises the separate colours and print head system. The HP 932XL (CN053AE) is the Black Ink tank, the three colours are HP933XL Yellow (C056AE), Magenta (CN055AE) and the Cyan (CN054AE) completes the range of new additions to the HP Officejet 6000 series.

THE HP 932XL (CN053A) Black ink tank has an estimated page yield of 1000 pages* per tank with the HP 933XL colours offering 825 pages* per tank. The range of printers that are compatible with these ink cartridges are HP Officejet 6100, Officejet 6600 and Officejet 6700. This range of printers are competitively priced with the Officejet 6100 on sale direct from HP for just £90.00 inc VAT and the All in One 6700 available for less than £130.00 inc VAT.

HP’s other new release is to the 8000 series of printers which again utilises the separate colours and printheads. The set consists of the HP 950XL (CN045AE) which is the Black Ink tank, the three colours are HP 951XL Cyan (CN046AE), Magenta (CN047AE) and the Yellow (CN048E) completes the range.

The HP950XL (CN045AE) Blank ink tank has an estimated page yield of 2300 pages* with the HP 951XL colours offering 1500 pages* per cartridge. The range of printers that is compatible with these tanks are the HP Officejet Pro 8100, 8600 and the 8600 Plus and are quite reasonably priced at £100.00 inc VAT for the entry level Officejet 8100 and the higher spec All in One 8600 can be bought direct from HP for £170.00 inc VAT.

*Page yield is based on industry standard tests ISO/IEC 24711.It is important that you understand how the page yields are calculated as it is a contributing factor to the value and running costs of the printer. This is quite complex so I have added a link to HP’s own page on page yields and ink levels, there is also lots more information on printer cartridges and expiry dates etc.

Visit HP's Page Yield section for more information on ink levels and page yields.

What is interesting about these new additions to HP’s ever expanding range of products is that they are totally new technology, as the image below shows they are different in every way from the other ink tanks in HP’s range.

The ink cartridges or ink tanks below are for the HP 6000 range,and are Set Up or Starter Cartridges. Most ink tank type printers come with these set up cartridges and they are very important. The first time you install the printer these cartridges must be installed before you can print. Amongst other things the micro chips contain information about the region or global area in which the machine was purchased and other settings for the printers installation process.

These cartridges are not available to buy separate from retailers, they are only available with a new a printer so it is recommended that you keep these safe while you own the printer and do not discard them, should you need to reinstall your printer on a new computer you may need these cartridges again to allow set up.

For more information on these cartridges  and to learn why they are needed visit HP's page on Set Up Cartridges.

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